About Brootzo. The Tale.

We are not  mere re-sellers we are manufacturers  . We sell only lamps  that we are  making  . Literally,   we buy raw brass in ingots  and then  we  melt  them in our  furnace  .  After that  we  pour the  hot  metal in to our  die casting  machines  and  the  metal takes  form.  Once  the  metal has cooled  down and hardened the  journey  of  transformation begins  . From a chunk of  metal to light . We  start by scrubbing away all the  bits that are  no longer  needed .Then we brush and  polish the new  parts . Once this is done  we will drill holes and thread  them   . Almost done  . We just have to add all the  parts  that are not  metal   ;   like  glass shades  , ceramic  lamp holders  , rubber  gaskets  . Oh!! Yes we  do all this  by hand  - we  do not  have any robots.  Once the lamps are assembled we put them in cartons  ready for  you.