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Decorus stands  for  graceful in Latin . The  design of  the  lamp  is simplistic  and  simultaneously  gentle .It Radiates grace  .  Here we broke  away from the  traditional marine  lighting  .We have build  a lamp that due to its material , brass,  maintains a  nautical background . However    it can also  bring  a  modern , a  present  tone to the space it is installed. To achieve  this we brushed  away the  call of  tradition  for  beefy parts and  screws and  instead  everything  is  hidden underneath a  wide  brass “skirt”  that surrounds  the  glass  shade. None  of the  robustness was lost though. You still have  a tough lamp  ready to  deal with all kind of  weather  in any place  .  The  glass shade   is  prismatic  and  thick with a stocky  rubber  gasket  that makes water ingress  hard to come  . 
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