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Fanari  . A wall lantern or more  accurately a  bulkhead lamp .  We first produced  this  lamp  for big freighters , Onasis , Latsis  and  other Shipowners  bought  Fanari via their  ship chandlers  or  some times direct for their  freighters . Deep sea  vessels  . On the  boats   they are  usually installed  outside at the various  decks  above doors or on the  bulkheads  .  Later  on many started buying  the Fanari for  illumination in and  out  of  hotels  restaurants , houses villas  and  so on . That was the  beginning of  our  marine  lamps finding   their  way into the  homes and  businesses of  so many. The  lamp has  no mouth but still it  speaks  marine  heritage  and  the  long tale  it  carries is instantly obvious  . A vintage light of  many years  but still young  and  trendy at all times.
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