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Discus  for disk  a name  that suits  a round  lamp .  The  marine  heritage  on this lamp is extremely obvious  . Everything  on this  lamp  surfaces memories from sea trips , holidays  by the  sea  or  from  boats or yachts. It is so,  because marine  or nautical and  the  design of this lamp are synonyms  .  The  big trapezoid base  ending to a wide round rim , the  sturdy grill / mesh cage  with the  large butterfly nuts  . The brass cable gland  all of these portrait  the  marine   /  nautical character of this  lamp. This lamp  was  one  of the  first that we produced   and  its  production started 50 years  ago.  This connection with the  past  has  given to this  lamp a radiant  vintage  savour .This vintage  personality makes  Discus  a very desirable lamp  .
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